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Life is aChangin…and What that Means for this Blog

A little over a year ago, life grabbed me by the ankles and and flipped me over.  Over the course of the last 13 months, it has swung me around a few times, sent me flying in strange new directions.  Naturally, I landed on my arse and skidded all over the place.  My knees are skinned, my bum is sore.  Heck, at my age, everything is sore.  That, my friend, is life.  Sweet, irresistible, unforgettable, LIFE.

I began this blog to share my musings about liberty and politics.  I love politics, by the way.  Not the MSNBC or FOX News version, but the real full contact sport of it.  Last year, I landed a sweet gig in beautiful North Carolina, only to discover that LIFE wouldn’t cooperate.  I mean, it really wouldn’t cooperate.  More recently, I turned down a request to apply for an even sweeter gig in DC.  You know, the once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing.  No, really.  That ship probably won’t sail again.  Why did I stand on the shore and wave goodbye instead of jumping on board?  Because I’m still skidding around on my posterior and I’m not sure when it will stop or where I will land.

All this got me to thinking about this neglected blog.  OK, so I don’t really sit around thinking about my blog.  It came to mind as an afterthought.  When I couldn’t sleep after drinking a large carmel mocha too close to bedtime.  You know the kind of random thought that runs across your brain.  Oh, ya, I have one of those blog things.  I wonder what the password is.  Does WordPress have an easy password recovery or will I need to know the middle name of my 2nd grade P.E. teacher’s dog?  Anyway, the focus of this dear blog has mostly been politics; however, liberty is so much broader.  So, my new plan is to dabble a bit here and there and expand the content.  Why?  Because I can.  And frankly, the life skid has kept me out of the sport of Politics, so I need new literary topics.  The theme will still be liberty.  Because, well, Liberty is Beautiful.  It’s just that we can find liberty in so many places, not just in political rugby.

So hang in there with me.  You’ll probably find the changes refreshing.  Or not.  It’s ok either way.  Since when are blogs about the reader, anyway?  Seriously, though, I hope the new content is enjoyable.  Now don’t go expecting me to be prolific.  I have a life, you know.  And few blogs actually turn into paying gigs, so I won’t be sinking all my time into this venture.  Nope, this is still a place that I blow off some steam.  When I don’t have time for Pint Night at Fox and Hound.

Happy reading!


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