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It’s Both Patriotic and Profitable to Keep the Laying Hen

I confess.  I want chickens.  My daughter does too, if that helps my case any.  A year or so ago, I had my first yard egg.  Those things in the grocery store cannot hold a candle to yard eggs.  These yard eggs came from chickens that didn’t get shots or hormones.  They wandered around the yard and ate bugs all day.  They slept in a safe little hen house.  The kids petted them and looked after them.  Happy chickens make good eggs.  The eggs tasted GOOD!  They had flavor.  And it wasn’t just me who noticed.  My picky eater, the tween daughter who wants chickens too, loves them. She loves them so much that she’d rather raise chickens than hope that Mrs. G has enough extra eggs to sell.  And it’s not just the eggs either that draw me to chickens.  My best veggie plants are the ones that grow in the bed fertilized with chicken manure. The bed with cow manure had to be torn out.  It grew so much grass (cows eat grass, doncha know?) that nothing else could survive in it!  And don’t forget, chickens provide free, chemical-free pest control.  With kids, dogs, a cat, and a desire to garden to organically, this is just the bees knees.

We recently lost our source for yard eggs.  Some varmints killed off several of the girls.  Combine that with the cooler weather (I won’t say cold because this is the craziest warm winter ever), the girls left are barely laying enough for her family.  So we’re waiting for her chicks to grow up and warmer weather.  Hopefully then, we’ll have yard eggs again.  Buy somewhere else, you say?  I’ve tried.  We can’t afford the exorbitant prices some people charge.  Hey, who isn’t on a tight budget these days?  Once we get past the price obstacle, I have basic questions about feed, hormones, vaccinations, living conditions, etc.  Then I like to meet the girls providing my eggs.  I’ve had trouble finding a local family with yard eggs that can meet my criteria.  Why so meticulous?  If I’m going to spend more money and drive extra, I don’t want to go to that trouble for something that is similar to what I’d buy at the grocery store.

The loss of our egg source makes me want our own chickens more.  But alas, it’s against city ordinance and deed restrictions.  I go more into dealing with that HERE.  So when I found these images of WWII posters, I was a bit surprised.  I’m no fan of government in general, but it seems government had a bit more sense back then.


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