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Bella Liberta: Beautiful Liberty.

My real name is Bekah.  I live in the beautiful city of College Station, TX.  I’m wife to John, the most amazing guy in the world!  I have two precious children, Blondie and The Quiet One.

I’m an activist.  I love working as a campaign volunteer.  I’m a boots-on-the ground kind of gal.  I remember telling someone I was into politics.  She said, “Me too!  I’m always yelling at the TV while I watch Fox News.”  That’s not quite what I meant, though  I have been known to get into passionate debates or rant on and on to whomever will listen.  But I prefer action.

EDIT: I’m not really spending much time anymore as a campaign volunteer or campaign staff.  Right now, I’m focusing on my family more.  It’s where I need to be right now.  I can change the world through my children, and the circle of people around me.

Tidbits about me and my philosophy of life:

You only live once.  Don’t look back and regret it.  I’ll try most anything (legal anything, that is) at least once.  Ok, so I’m not so good about new foods…as someone pointed out once.  I have a sensitive stomach and an active imagination.

I’m right-brained.  I’m creative, disorganized, and care more about people than getting through my To-Do List.  In my house, you may not have matching socks, but you know you are loved!   I tend to be disorganized on the unimportant things and am usually content with it. I sometimes procrastinate and am at peace with that as well. I like spontaneity and a little craziness, but freak out over uncontrollable changes. I’m still human! I tend to act before I think, do things before the rational side talks me out of it. Heights terrify me, but I’ve done a ropes course, a zip line, and a sky coaster (like bungee jumping, but you swing while horizontal). I cried (from fear) doing all of those things, but I’d do any of them again in a heartbeat. Nothing should stop you from a great experience, especially fear.

I am emotional, sometimes intensely. I cry easily, love easily, and trust easily. I get my heart broken, but it’s always ok in the end.   I’ve learned that I could build walls around myself for protection, or I could trust and love. Walls protect, but they prevent. I’d rather experience a little pain and hurt just so I don’t miss out on all the wonderful experiences and relationships in life. I am an affectionate person.  I believe that we must live and love by example.

When need, I activate more of the left side of my brain.  I can organize and mobilize.  It’s important to get the job done right, the first time.  I don’t like to fail, and will work tirelessly for success.  Fulfilling commitments reflects directly on me, so deadlines and keeping my word are essential.  People matter.  Timeliness and attention to detail communicate that I care about others’ needs and schedules.  I like to win, but it isn’t everything.  I value integrity far more than a win.  In the end, I’d rather lose and still have my soul.  The true winners are those who stand by their principles no matter the cost.

I gather most of my news from the internet. I get frustrated because there is too much information. I can’t seem to become an expert on anything because there is so much to learn and do. I enjoy chatting online; I love being connected to people. I do have a shy side, so I’m less chatty in person until I know the person well.

Beauty is important.  God created an amazing universe.  We should enjoy it.  But if you chose not to enjoy it or to plow down all your pretty trees, that’s your business (just don’t touch mine!).  People are beautiful, inside and out.  I try to find the beauty in everyone.  Find your inner beauty and fall in love with it!  It’s what makes you amazing to others!

I’m a summer baby!  I love the sunshine and warm weather.  I like to nap on the beach (or dream of napping on the beach).  Cold weather bites!  I can do without it any day.  I don’t like winter clothes or layers or big coats.  Gloves make me feel claustrophobic.  I guess I’m a free spirit to the core!

Oh, and don’t fret about these pictures.  They were taken years and many pounds ago.  Really, who wants to see my fab flab on the internet??  We’ll stick with the cute ones.  Gotta LOVE the internet for creating image!


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